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The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro is the next iteration of the Akko CS matcha switches with an upgraded dustproof stem and lubed rails. The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro comes with factory lubed rails to provide a smooth typing experience. 

Product Details

Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro Linear Switch

  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Stem Material: POM
  • Top Housing Material: PC
  • Bottom Housing Material: PA
  • Operating Force: 55±5g
  • Mount: 3 pin
  • Pre Travel: 2.0±0.5mm
  • Total Travel:  3.8mm
  • Factory Lubed: Factory Lubed

The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro features a comfortable medium-heavy progressive spring that feels and sounds smooth with the factory lubed rails. 

 Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro Linear Switches

Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro Linear Switches

Switch Sound

The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro leans towards the "clackier" side during normal typing, but upon closer inspection, the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro has more dimensions to its sound profile. The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro on the bottom out has a slightly more muted and softer sound than on the top out. When topping out, the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro has a harder and louder sound that creates the higher pitched "clack". If we were to be picky, the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro has some slight hollowness, but this can be easily fixed with optional lube and film.

Here are some sound tests of the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro:

Switch Feel

The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro feels comfortable with spring weight that isn't too light but also not too heavy. The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro has a soft bottom out feel that makes it pleasant to type on. With long pole stems gaining popularity, the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro with almost a full travel provides a more cushioned typing experience than the sudden bottom outs of shorter travel switches. There is slight stem wobble in the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro but due to the improved stems, it is not noticeable during normal typing. 

Things to Note

The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro has slight spring ping which can be remedied by lubing the spring. The Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro also has a slight hollowness that isn't noticeable during normal typing sessions, but with a bit of lube and film, the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro will be a touch switch to beat. 

Comparisons to Other Switches

Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro vs Akko V3 Silver Pro

  • Both the Akko V3 Silver Pro and the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro are made of a PC top housing, PA bottom housing, and a POM stem.
  • The Akko V3 Silver Pro has a lighter bottom out force at 45g than the Akko V3 Match Green Pro at 55g.
  • Akko V3 Silver Pro has a shorter total travel distance at 3.3mm than the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro at 3.8mm.
  • Akko V3 Silver Pro feels smoother than the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro in stock form.
  • Akko V3 Silver Pro has significantly less spring ping than the Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro in its stock form. 

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