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Say (HMX) cheese! HMX Cheese was the first HMX switch to join our LumeKeebs family of switches. As the first HMX switch to join our lineup, the HMX Cheese has been a favorite in our community. HMX Cheese is a switch popular for its bright sound signature and smooth typing experience even in its stock form. The HMX Cheese also displays a fun cheesy visual aesthetic, with design inspiration from dairy cheese.

Product Details

HMX Cheese

  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Manufacturer: HMX
  • Stem Material: LY
  • Top Housing Material: PA12
  • Bottom Housing Material: PA-2
  • Actuation Force: 43g
  • Bottom Out Force: 46g
  • Mount: 5 pin
  • Pre Travel: 2.0±0.3mm
  • Total Travel: 3.5±0.3mm
  • Spring: 22mm single stage spring
  • Factory Lubed: Yes

HMX Cheese is a linear switch that is constructed with a nylon PA12 top housing, nylon PA-2 bottom housing, and a LY long pole stem. It has a 22mm single stage spring which operates at 43g and bottoms out at 46g. HMX Cheese comes factory lubed.

HMX Cheese Linear Switches

Switch Sound

HMX Cheese has a very bright and bold sound signature. HMX switches are typically higher pitched, but the HMX Cheese stands out even among the HMX switches.

Here are some sound tests of the HMX Cheese:

Switch Feel

HMX Cheese feels incredibly smooth in stock form. Just like other HMX switches, the HMX Cheese comes with consistent factory lube. It also has minimal stem wobble in comparison to other switches which allows for a smooth typing experience. It allows for an even typing feel regardless where the keycap is pressed. The tight tolerances for HMX Cheese also translates to a clean and clacky sound.

Things to Note

For HMX Cheese and other HMX switches there does not seem to be any actual flaws. Their stock form delivers a smooth typing experience with no spring ping and little to no stem wobble.

One thing to note of the HMX Cheese and other HMX switches would be that they appear to fit a little less snug on the PCB. So for those planning to build a plateless or half plate configuration (recommended to solder for plateless builds) the HMX Cheese would require a little more attention when flipping the PCB over to solder. With builds including a plate though, there are no issues at all with HMX Cheese.

Comparisons to Other Linear Switches

HMX Macchiato vs HMX Cheese

  • Macchiato uses a POK stem material and Cheese uses a LY stem material.
  • Macchiato has a 4mm total travel and Cheese has a 3.5 total travel.
  • The Macchiato has a slightly heavier spring weight at 50g bottom out while the Cheese with a 46g bottom out.
  • Both have similar smoothness, tight stem wobble, and factory lube.
  • Macchiato is slightly lower pitched compared to the Cheese.

Gateron Oil King vs HMX Cheese

  • Gateron Oil King has a PA66 nylon top and ink bottom housing while the HMX Cheese has a PA12 nylon top and a PA-2 nylon bottom.
  • Gateron Oil King has a POM stem while the HMX Cheese has a LY stem.
  • Gateron Oil King has a 4mm total travel and HMX Cheese has a 3.5 total travel.
  • Gateron Oil King has a heavier spring weight at 65g bottom out while the HMX Cheese has a lighter 46g bottom out.
  • The HMX Cheese feels smoother and has less stem wobble than the Gateron Oil King.
  • Both come factory lubed. 
  • The HMX Cheese is higher pitched and louder than the Gateron Oil King.

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