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When it comes to "thocky" switches, the Gazzew U4T Boba V2 is second to none. The "U4" stands for "Euphoria" and the "T" stands for "Extra Thocccc." The Gazzew U4T Boba comes in several variants: an all black housing, a clear RGB top with black bottom housing, an all white housing, and a clear RGB top with white bottom housing.  

Gazzew has designed a new leaf to be both compatible for both linear and tactile switches. The new leaf also helps to reduce leaf ping.

Product Details

Gazzew U4T Boba Switch

  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Stem Material: POM
  • Housing Material: Gazzew's New Proprietary Plastic Blend
  • Bottom Out Force: 62g or 68g
  • Spring: Stainless Steel 17.5mm Korean Spring
  • Mount: 5 pin
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • Manufacturer: Outemu

The Gazzew U4T Boba has a medium tactility with a D-shaped tactile bump. The Gazzew U4T has little to no initial pre-travel and a round overall travel. The Gazzew U4T Boba has a deep solid bottom out sound with a relatively higher pitched and poppy top out. 

Gazzew Boba U4T V2 Tactile Switches Black

Gazzew Boba U4T V2 Tactile Switches Black

Gazzew Boba U4T Tactile Switches RGB

Switch Sound

The Gazzew U4T Boba has a deep and full sounding downstroke, and a higher-pitched and poppy sounding upstroke. Lubing and filming the Gazzew U4T Boba would help create a deeper sound profile for those uninterested in the brighter poppy sounds.

Here are some sound tests of the Gazzew U4T Boba V2:

Switch Feel

The Gazzew U4T Boba are extremely smooth with little to no scratch. The Gazzew U4T Boba have very little stem wobble due to its tight housing tolerances. The Gazzew U4T Boba has a very pronounced D-shaped tactile bump.

Things to Note

If you plan to open and close the Gazzew U4T Boba to do any modifications, like lubing or filming, we would recommend to check if the legs on the top housing are fully seated into the bottom housing. Since the housings for the Gazzew U4T Boba have very tight tolerances, it requires relatively more force and attention to close the top and bottom housing together. Lubing the Gazzew U4T Boba can help provide even smoother keypresses, but filming doesn't appear to be required snice the Gazzew U4T Boba already has a tight housing. 

Comparisons to Other Switches

    Gazzew U4T Boba vs Holy Panda

    • The housing for Gazzew U4T Boba uses Gazzew's proprietary plastic blend, and the housing for Holy Panda uses polycarbonate for the top housing and nylon for the bottom housing.
    • Gazzew U4T Boba has a POM stem, and Holy Panda has a Halo switch stem.
    • Gazzew U4T Boba has both a 62g and a 68g bottom out, and Holy Panda has a 67g bottom out. 
    • Gazzew U4T Boba has a shorter to no initial pre-travel than the Holy Panda.
    • Gazzew U4T Boba has a rounder overall travel with the D-shaped bump compared to the P-shaped bump on the Holy Panda.

     Gazzew U4T Boba V2 vs Gazzew U4T Boba V1

    • The "soft" pin in the Gazzew U4T Boba V1 has been revised into a "hard" pin in the Gazzew U4T Boba V2.
    • The Gazzew U4T Boba V2 has rounder edges and centered.

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