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The Everglide Aqua King V3 is third iteration of the Everglide lineup and comes in three different spring weights in a completely transparent clear stem and housing that is perfect for RGB enthusiasts.

Everglide Aqua King V3 Linear Switch

  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Stem Material: Polycarbonate
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate
  • Operation Force: 55g, 62g, or 67g
  • Mount: 5 pin
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • Factory Lube: Light Factory Lube

Everglide Aqua King V3 Linear Switches

Switch Sound

The Everglide Aqua King V3 has a soft, muted, and relatively deeper sounding bottom out. On the top out, the Everglide Aqua King V3 has a relatively higher pitched and harder sound.

Here are some sound tests of the Everglide Aqua King V3:

Switch Feel

The Everglide Aqua King V3 feels smooth with minimal stem wobble. In its stock form, the Everglide Aqua King V3 has a slight scratch, most likely due to the harder polycarbonate material used in the switch, but still feels smooth regardless. The Everglide Aqua King V3 have a soft feeling bottom out and a snappy feeling top out. 

Things to Note

The Everglide Aqua King V3 has very tight housing tolerance. The materials for the switch is polycarbonate (PC), which is a great material in terms of toughness. PC produces a great sound and is also transparent, however it doesn't have a very low coefficient of friction (i.e. how slippery a material is), compared to material like POM which is known to be very slippery. As a result since both the stem and housing are made of PC there's inherently more friction compared to some other designs.

The Everglide Aqua King V3 benefits significantly from hand lubing. Lubing the Everglide Aqua King V3 helps mitigate a lot of the scratchiness and improves the sound and feel. You do not want to over lube the switch since more lube can lead to a more sluggish feel vs the crisp downstroke. We recommend trying to lube a few switches first to test and then adjust the lubricant according to your preference.

Comparisons to Other Switches

    Everglide Aqua King V3 vs Gateron Box Ink V2

    • The Everglide Aqua King V3 comes in three different spring weights (55g, 62g, and 67g) while the Gateron Box Ink V2 comes in two different spring weights (60g and 50g).
    • The Everglide Aqua King V3 is made with a Polycarbonate stem while the Gateron Box Ink V2 is made with a POM stem. 
    • The Everglide Aqua King V3 is made with a Polycarbonate housing while the Gateron Box Ink V2 is made with a proprietary ink material housing. 
    • The Everglide Aqua King V3 and the Gateron Box Ink V2 have a similar sound profile. They both have a soft and muted bottom out with harder and higher pitched top out. 
    • Gateron Box Ink V2 is slightly smoother compared to Everglide Aqua King V3.

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