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Gateron recently released a new version of the North Pole switches. In this blog, we will review the North Pole 2.0 Yellow and compare it with the original version. 

Product Details

Like the original version, the 2.0 uses polycarbonate transparent housing. It has an actuation force of 50g and a bottom out force of 67g. The total travel time is 4.0mm. It is factory lubed. 

Figure 1: Gateron North Pole Yellow 2.0

Yellow Rubber

The biggest difference between the two is the yellow rubber on the housing base. Gateron says that the rubber helps distinguish North Pole switch options since they have the Red, the Silver, etc. Gateron did not specify what type of material it is, but we guess it is some kind of silicone-based material.

Gateron North Pole Yellow 2.0

Gateron North Pole 2.0

Figure 2: Gateron North Pole Yellow 2.0 Yellow Rubber

Gateron also mentions that the 2.0 version has exhaust holes set at the bottom which is supposed to allow for gases to escape so there is less resistance as you press down. In theory, it should result in better aerodynamics. However, it is unclear whether the exhaust holes will make a difference given that the stem and housing are not aero-tie sealed to begin with.  

Gateron North Pole 2.0

Figure 3: Gateron North Pole Yellow 2.0 Exhaust Holes

Switch Sound

The sound of two versions sound quite different.

On the downstroke, the 2.0 sounds more subdued, similar to the sound of a silent switch. 

In terms of the upstroke, it sounds just like the original version.

We also took out the yellow rubber and tested it. The 2.0 without the rubber sounds like the original version. 

So, the majority of the difference between the two comes from the yellow rubber. 

Video 1: Gateron North Pole 2.0 Yellow vs Gateron North Pole Yellow

Switch Feel

The 2.0 has a cushioned downstroke feel of a silent switch. In terms of smoothness, they both are very smooth. 

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