Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 vs Gateron Baby Kangaroo | Tactile Switches Review

Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 vs Gateron Baby Kangaroo | Tactile Switches Review


GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 and Baby Kangaroo are the latest tactile switches manufactured by Gateron. Some say that they are one of the smoothest tactile switches in existence. Let's see how they perform! 

Product Details

Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2

Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 switch is upgraded from its previous version. It consists of a light diffuser and an improved POM bottom housing from Nylon. The switches deliver a medium-strong typing experience with a smooth keypress into a firm bottoming out. 

The tactile 5pin switch uses polycarbonate material on the top housing and POM on the bottom housing. It has a 67g bottom-out force and 63g operating force. The total travel time is 4.0mm. It is pre-factory lubed. 

GoPolar Azure Dragon V2

Figure 1: Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2

Gateron Baby Kangaroo

Baby Kangaroo Switch is the latest addition to Gateron's tactile family. It features a transparent cover with condenser light affection, a nylon PA66 white base, and a bright green POM stem with high durability, resistance, and smoothness to provide a crisp tactile feel. 

The 5pin switch has 59±8g operating force with a total travel time is 3.4mm. It is pre-factory lubed. 

Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switches Review

Figure 2: Gateron Baby Kangaroo

Double-Stage Spring

Both switches incorporate a two-stage spring with the Azure Dragon V2 being 18mm long and Baby Kangaroo 22mm. Compared to normal switch springs, these two-stage springs offer a faster, clearer upstroke feeling and consistent feeling coming down. 

Two-Stage Long Switch Springs

A two-stage spring

Figure 3: Double-Stage Springs

Switch Sound

The two switches have a similar pitch change given they use similar materials with the Baby Kangaroo sounding a bit clackier. 

Usually lubing the switch deepens the sound but we found that this is not the case for Azure Dragon V2. The lubed form sounds a bit clackier than the stock form. Check out the video below for more details on the sound. 

Video 1: Sound Test of Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 vs Gateron Baby Kangaroo

Switch Feel

Both switches are very smooth in stock form and improve slightly with lubing and filming. The stock forms have a very tiny hint of scratchiness but it is almost imperceptible.

In terms of the weight of the switch, the Azure Dragon V2 requires slightly more force. They both have a very pleasing bump feel and accelerate fast past the bump. The tactility is very noticeable. If you like very tactile switches, these would be a good candidate for you. 

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