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Lume Switch Testing Tray

Lume Switch Testing Tray

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Lume Switch Testing Tray is designed to enhance your switch sampling experience, test switches without having to build your board!

It was designed through numerous iterations, customer and team feedback to incorporate features that would satisfy keyboard enthusiasts such as yourself. 

Design goals:

  • Mimic a keyboard typing experience as much as possible to allow for testing without a keyboard - angle, tilt, spacing, flex
  • Provide a neutral testing platform for switches without different keyboard / foams to color the sound
  • Clean, minimalistic aesthetic to proudly display switches
  • Durable and easy to use

Key features and design principles:

  • Stable and strong with support spines with slight flex to mimic FR4 plates
  • Distance between switches identical to popular keyboard plates to emulate typing experience with keycaps on
  • Flat and sloped version, sloped version has a 5 degree tilt to simulate typing conditions, also displays your switches nicely as a decorative piece
  • Minimalistic design to match keyboard aesthetics
  • Sloped notch for ease of switch insertion without damaging switches
  • Precise switch cutouts to allow for ease of insertion while keeping switches stable
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic for durability and thermal stability

Check out the video below for more details: 

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