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Kailh Box Jade Thick Clicky Switch

Kailh Box Jade Thick Clicky Switch

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These are sold in packs of 10 each. 1 quantity refers to 10 switches.

Kailh and NovelKeys’ Box Jade switches are one of the most popular clicky switches of all time. The unique “click box” mechanism leads to a metallic and crunchy sound, and they feel thick and satisfying. These tactile switches will keep your ears and fingertips tuned in with each keystroke. 


  • Top: PC
  • Bottom: Nylon PA66
  • Stem: MX stem


  • Type: Clicky
  • Operating force: 50 gf
  • Bottom out: 60g
  • Mount: 3 pin
  • Total Travel: 3.6 mm
  • Lube: no
  • SMD LED Support: yes

Lume Lubing service:

  • Lube used: Krytox 205G0
  • Film used: Lume Film series - we'll cater the film type to the switch to give you the best experience possible
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