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Cherry MX Hyperglide Switches

Cherry MX Hyperglide Switches

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These are sold in packs of 10 each. 1 quantity refers to 10 switches.

The OG black switch from Cherry with that signature Cherry sound. These are the updated Hyperglide switches which feature the new 'Hyperglide' tooling for improved smoothness, tolerances and wobble. Increasing switch actuations from 50M to 100M.

These switches improve significantly with breaking in as well as lubing and filming.

  • LumeKeebs Guide:
    • Housing Fit: Medium
    • Film Recommendation: LumeKeebs Medium
    • Hand-Lubing: Highly recommended, it will improve both feel and sound
  • Specs:
    • Type: Linear
    • Actuation: 60g
    • Travel: 4mm
    • Mount: 5 pin
    • Lube: not factory lubed

Limited time offer! To celebrate our launch we are providing personal hand lubing service to the first batch of switches available, done personally by our slick inhouse Lume Lubing expert.

  • Lubing service:
    • Lube used: Krytox 205G0
    • Film used: Lume Bear Film series - we'll cater the film type to the switch to give you the best experience possible
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Customer Reviews

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Great switch, supreme hand-lubing

I bought these through the hand-lubed and filmed option because I've had yet to use mx blacks, and at the time of purchasing these, I was able to grab them for the same price as stock ink blacks. The switch itself is exactly what you would expect, a standard linear switch. But after chasing after the smoothest switch, I realized that the "scratch" of the mx black is quite tasteful. The "scratch" is less of a scratchy sound and more of an audible sliding. This lack of smoothness really gives the switch character and makes it sound very unique compared to all of the supremely smooth linears.

Now on to the lubing and filming job. I had some pretty standard expectations for what to expect. In the past, I have purchased hand-lubed and filmed alpaca v2s from another vendor, but they were quite disappointing. However, the switches I received blew my previous expectations out of the park. Out of all of the 70 lubed switches I purchased, none of them revealed any inconsistency or quality issues. They were expertly lubed, providing a significantly smoother experience than stock condition but still preserving that tasteful sliding sound I mentioned before. I have personally lubed hundreds upon hundreds of switches during my time in this hobby, but I've never tuned a batch of switches as perfectly as these. I can't recommend these enough!

Will be buying from you guys again!