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Angel Dust Custom Coiled Aviator Artisan USB-C Cable

Angel Dust Custom Coiled Aviator Artisan USB-C Cable

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Introducing the Angel Dust Custom Coiled Aviator Artisan USB-C Cable, the perfect addition to your mechanical keyboard setup. This cable is not just any ordinary cable - it's a true work of art that combines form and function in a beautiful way.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, Angel Dust cable features a stunning coiled design that adds a touch of elegance to your keyboard. It features high-quality aviator connectors, which make it easy to plug and unplug your cable without any hassle. The connectors are built to last, ensuring that your cable will remain securely connected to your keyboard for years to come.

You've got yourself a sick board, switch and keycaps, now get yourself an equally awesome coiled aviator cable to make your setup really pop!
  • Specs:
    • Direction: left to right
    • Color: Angel Dust (Baby blue inner with white sleeving)
    • Sleeving: Dual layer
    • Connector: Aviator GX16, USB-C, USB-A
  • Coiling:
    • Cable Outer Diameter: 4.4mm
    • Coil Length: 15cm
    • Coil Outer Diameter: 2.3cm
    • Coil Inner Diameter: 1.35cm
    • Coil to USB-C: 8cm
    • Coil to Aviator: 10cm
    • Aviator to USB-A: 1.5m
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