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Lume Stackable Artisan Keycap Tray

Lume Stackable Artisan Keycap Tray

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Got a sick Artisan collection? Keep them organized and show them off with Lume Stackable Artisan Keycap trays! 

This is a full custom design that took 12 iterations to get right and true to our design principles.

We offer two designs: Lume Essential (the translucent color one in the picture) and Lume Core (the grey one)

Lume Essential Key Design Principles:

  • Fully stackable because we all love collecting lots of artisans!
  • Clean and smooth exterior look and feel to keep the focus on the awesome artisans within

Lume Core Key Design Principles: 

  • It is the Lume Essential version plus finely calibrated keycap stems that are designed to be loose in order to:
    • Align the keycap with the center of the section (I'm super OCD about alignment of my caps :P )
    • Be loose enough to not stretch out your expensive artisan caps
    • Have enough hold to keep your artisans in place even when tilted

You love your Artisans, now protect them and show them off with the LumeKeebs Artisan Keycap tray!


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