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Voron Klicky Probe - Printed to Voron spec in ABS! All versions available - Klicky, KlickyNG, Unklicky, UnklickyNG

Voron Klicky Probe - Printed to Voron spec in ABS! All versions available - Klicky, KlickyNG, Unklicky, UnklickyNG

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We love 3D printing just as much as you and Vorons are our passion! All parts are printed on very well tuned Voron 2.4R2 printers, we spend 10 hours tuning each Voron printer to perfection every few months to make sure all prints come out the best possible for you!

All parts made to order so its exactly to your needs and liking! Current lead times are short as we have enough printers to satisfy demand.

Klicky probe is one of the best probe mods for the Voron ecosystem (and other printers as well!), with excellent repeatability and a docking motion that's just so satisfying, this probe will keep your first layers looking pristine every time! All our printers use either Klicky or KlickyNG probes on them.

There are 5 main Variants of the Klicky probe ecosystem, choose one that matches your needs.
- Klicky - the original and stable version, uses glue to secure magnets, works very well!
- KlickyNG - NG stands for next generation, this uses printed parts to secure magnets and ensures good alignment of magnets, currently in beta but works great!
- UnKlicky - Does not use omron switches, instead uses a probe pin which is repulsed by a magnet, a little harder to build but has excellent repeatability
- UnKlicky BFP - Same as UnKlicky, but uses only 6x3 Magnets which is easier for you to source together
- UnklickyNG - Next generation unklicky, has the same benefits as KlickyNG in terms of magnet alignment

If you are unsure which to pick, we highly recommend the KlickyNG, the magnets are self aligning and even though it is in beta we find that it works extremely well!

We also offer full kits so you don't have to source parts on your own. Full kits will include everything needed to build the Klicky probe. (will not include connectors or bolts to fasten to your printer extrusions, you should have alot of those left over from your build). Full kits will be equipped with an Omron switch (D2F-5, D2F-01 or D2F, all of which are recommended by the maker of the Klicky probe)

We also offer a fully assembled Klicky probe which is prebuilt to your needs.

In your order, please specify the base color you would like (default is black) and the accent color. I offer clear and white as well as options if you would like, however note that white and clear are not recommended by the voron team as they tend to be weaker than other colors, so choose those at your own risk!

All parts released by the voron team under the GNU General Public License v3.0.
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