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Prevail Epsilon V2 Linear Switches

Prevail Epsilon V2 Linear Switches

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These are sold in packs of 10 each. 1 quantity refers to 10 switches.

The Prevail Epsilon switches have gained a reputation for being one of the smoothest linear switches available on the market. The switches are manufactured by JWK. These switches are equipped with a progressive spring that provides a slightly bouncier feel. They produce a satisfying sound signature that many users find pleasing.

  • LumeKeebs Guide:
    • Housing Fit: Tight
    • Film Recommendation: LumeKeebs UltraThin
    • Hand Lubed: Not required, but improves feel and sound
  • Material:
    • Top: Nylon
    • Bottom: Nylon
    • Stem: P3 (JWK proprietary plastic mix)
  • Specs:
    • Type: Linear
    • Spring Weight: 68g gold-plated progressive
    • Mount: 5 pin
    • Lube: Light factory lube

We are providing personal hand lubing service, done personally by our slick inhouse Lume Lubing expert.

  • Switch lubing service:
    • Lube used: Krytox 205G0
    • Springs: bag lubed with Krytox 105
    • Film used: Lume Film series - we'll cater the film type to the switch to give you the best experience possible
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