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Lume Insider ❤️🚀

Lume Insider is an invitation-only program that selects the most insightful contributors who write reviews on our shop and share their builds + sound test videos on our community site, KeebsHQ.

What do I get out of it?

Lume Insiders get:

  • Juicy discounts - a discount on future orders based on their Lume Insider tiering, the more you post the higher your discount!
  • Free products for testing - we will occasionally send products we'd like you to test (at no cost to you) from our LumeKeebs store. 
  • Exclusive first look at new products - At LumeKeebs we are always staying at the forefront of mechanical keyboard technology, as such we typically have samples of new products to test internally which we will also share with you.

How can I join?

Individuals who consistently post their builds and high-quality sound test videos on KeebsHQ and write reviews in our shop are most likely to be invited. Lume Insiders are shoppers like you who are not paid to participate in the program. To stay in the program, they are expected to post their builds / high-quality sound test videos and share their honest and unbiased reviews.

Start posting your builds today on KeebsHQ and look out for an invite from us!