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Durock POM linear switches, also known as Durock Piano POM, are one of the most popular and smoothest linear switches from Durock. 

POM is a type of plastic blend that has a very low coefficient of friction. Coefficient of friction means how much resistance the material provides when sliding against itself. A low coefficient of friction POM refers to a slippery type of feel. POM material is widely used in industry for its seemingly "self-lubricating" properties, this is due to its low coefficient of friction of 0.2, compared to others like polycarbonate at 0.3. This results in a very smooth feel with less "scratchiness".

Figure 1: Durock POM Linear Switch

Product Details

The linear 5pin Durock POM uses POM materials on both top and bottom housing with a P3 Stem (UHMWPE Blend). It has a 48g actuation force and 63.5g bottom out force. The total travel time is 4.0mm. It is factory un-lubed. 

Figure 2: Durock POM Linear Switch

Switch Sound

The sound of Durock POM stock form is very similar to that of lubed and filmed version. When compared with Gateron Oil King and Ink V2 Black, Durock POM is slightly higher pitched. Check out the video below for more details on the sound. 

Video 1: Durock POM Linear Review (Stock vs L+F) | Compare to Gateron Oil King, Ink V2 Black, North Pole, CJ

Switch Feel

The stock version of Durock POM is very smooth primarily due to the POM material and low coefficient of friction. When compared with Gateron Oil King, the Durock POM stock form has a slightly hint of scratchiness that is more noticeable at higher speeds of activation, however, the Oil King stock form is factory lubed, so the unlubed Durock POM is quite smooth to begin with. 

We think that lubing and filming Durock POM does improve the feel. The scratchiness goes away with lubing and filming the switch. 

Frequency Spectrum Analysis

At Lume, we love data! Figure 3 and Figure 4 are called frequency spectrums. 

On the x-axis (horizontal axis), the further left it is, the lower the frequency which means a deeper sound. The further right it is, the higher the frequency which is a higher pitched sound. 

On the y-axis (vertical axis), it is amplitude which is how loud it is. For testing switches, that would depend on how hard we press the switches, so pay less attention to the y-axis. It is more about where the peaks are on the x-axis. 

Durock POM stock peaks at around 2.4 kilohertz. The lubed and filmed version centered around the similar frequency. For a lot of other switches when you lubing and filming them, they tend to become deeper sounding which on the graph they tend to move to the left. On the POM, the stock and L+F have a very similar peak. 

Figure 3: Durock POM Stock

Figure 3: Durock POM Lubed and Filmed


The unlubed Durock POM is very smooth compared to other non-factory switches. Once you lube and film them, they are one of the smoothest.

In terms of sound, the stock form has a slight hint of scratchiness that goes away with lubing. Lubing and filming the switch will improve the sound and feel.  

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