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The Invyr Holy Panda is an in-stock version of a community driven frankenswitch that was created by Quakemz. The Invyr Holy Panda is made by combining the housing and spring of an Invyr Panda linear switch and a stem of a Halo True tactile or Halo Clear tactile switch. 

Product Details

Invyr Holy Panda Tactile Switch

  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Stem Material: Halo Switch Stem
  • Top Housing Material: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom Housing Material: Nylon
  • Bottom Out Force: 67g
  • Mount: 5 pin
  • Pre Travel: 2.0mm
  • Total Travel: 4.0mm
  • Spring: Stainless Steel
  • Factory Lubed: Light Factory Lubed

Invyr Holy Panda Tactile Switches

Switch Sound

Due to its tactile bump, the Invyr Holy Panda has a combination of creamy but clacky sound profile. The tactility creates a higher pitched clacky sound, while the bottom out creates a lower pitched creamy sound. 

Here are some sound tests of the Invyr Holy Panda:

Switch Feel

The Invyr Holy Panda has a distinct "P" shaped bump which means that at keypress the there is a pronounced tactile bump at the top followed by a linear travel to the bottom. The Invyr Holy Panda's has a rounded bump at the top while still maintaining a smooth feel. The Invyr Holy Panda provides a smoother bump in comparison to some other tactiles that have a sharper bump.

Things to Note

Since the Holy Panda is an iconic frankenswitch, its popularity brought forth several different variants. Some of these variants include the Glorious Holy Panda and Drop's Holy Panda X. These variants and the Invyr Holy Panda were made to make the Holy Panda frankenswitch more accessible and more affordable to the community.

Comparisons to Other Linear Switches

Invyr Holy Panda vs Cherry MX Brown

  • Cherry MX Brown uses nylon for both its top housing and its bottom housing, while the Invyr Holy Panda uses polycarbonate for its top housing and nylon for its bottom housing. 
  • Cherry MX Brown has an actuation force of 45g while the Invyr Holy Panda is 67g.
  • The Invyr Holy Panda has a tighter housing than the Cherry MX Brown which helps create a cleaner sound.
  • Invyr Holy Panda has a more pronounced bump than the Cherry MX Brown.

Invyr Holy Panda vs Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon V3

  • The Invyr Holy Panda and the Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon both have a polycarbonate top housing, but the Invyr Holy Panda has a nylon bottom housing while the Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon has a POM bottom housing. 
  • Both the Invyr Holy Panda and the Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon have a bottom out force of 67g. 
  • Invyr Holy Panda has a tighter housing than the Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon, which helps it have a cleaner sound.
  • The Invyr Holy Panda has a rounder bump than the sharper bump in the Gateron GoPolar Azure Dragon. 

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