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Introducing the HMX YG Macchiato Linear Switches that sounds as creamy as a cup of macchiato tastes. Unlike most HMX switches, the HMX Macchiato has a full travel stem and leans towards a relatively lower pitched sound profile in comparison to other HMX switches like the HMX Cheese. The HMX Macchiato offers a delightful typing experience that's sure to satisfy even the most discerning keyboard enthusiasts. If you wanted to try a HMX switch and prefer a full travel bottom out, then the HMX Macchiato might be brewed just for you.

Product Details

HMX Macchiato

  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Manufacturer: HMX
  • Stem Material: POK
  • Top Housing Material: PA12
  • Bottom Housing Material: Modified Nylon
  • Actuation Force: 42g
  • Bottom Out Force: 50g
  • Mount: 5 pin
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0±0.3mm
  • Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm
  • Spring: 20mm single stage spring
  • Factory Lubed: Yes

Crafted with precision, the HMX Macchiato boasts a POK stem, PA12 top housing, and a modified Nylon bottom housing. Its 20mm single-stage spring offers a responsive typing experience, with an actuation force of 42g and a bottom-out force of 50g. And like its cheesy counterpart, the HMX Macchiato comes factory lubed for an out-of-the-box smoothness that's hard to beat.

HMX YG Macchiato Linear Switches

Switch Sound

When it comes to sound, the HMX Macchiato sings a sweet melody. With a slightly lower pitch compared to the HMX Cheese, this switch delivers a symphony of satisfying keystrokes that's music to your ears. Whether you're typing up a storm or engaging in a gaming marathon, the HMX Macchiato's melodious sound profile adds an extra layer of enjoyment to every keystroke.

Here are some sound tests of the HMX Macchiato:

Switch Feel

Smooth as silk, the HMX Macchiato glides effortlessly under your fingertips. Thanks to its tight tolerances and minimal stem wobble, this switch offers a typing experience that's second to none. Whether you're a seasoned typist or a casual user, you'll appreciate the consistent feel and satisfying feedback of the HMX Macchiato.

Things to Note

Much like its predecessor, the HMX Macchiato leaves little room for criticism. With its flawless construction, the HMX switches set a new standard for linear switches. However, it's worth noting that the HMX Macchiato may require slightly more attention when soldering in plateless configurations. The HMX Macchiato and other HMX switches are known to fit a little less snug on the PCB, so for those planning a plateless or half-plate build be attentive when flipping the board over to solder in the HMX switches. But for most users the HMX Macchiato offers a flawless typing experience.

Comparisons to Other Linear Switches

HMX Sunset Gleam vs HMX Macchiato

  • HMX Sunset Gleam has a PC top housing vs HMX Macchiato has a PA12 top housing.
  • HMX Sunset Glean has a PA66 bottom housing vs HMX Macchiato has a modified nylon housing.
  • HMX Sunset Gleam has a LY stem vs HMX Macchiato has a POK stem.
  • HMX Sunset Gleam and HMX Macchiato have similar activation force and bottom out force.
  • HMX Sunset Gleam has a shorter travel distance of 1.9 pre-travel and 3.5 total travel vs the HMX Macchiato has a 2.0mm pre-travel and a 4.0 total travel.
  • The HMX Sunset Gleam has a sound signature more similar to the HMX Cheese. It has a higher pitched sound profile than the HMX Macchiato. 
  • Both have similar smoothness, tight stem wobble tolerances, and factory lube.

Gateron Oil King vs HMX Macchiato

  • Gateron Oil King has a PA66 nylon top and ink bottom housing while the HMX Macchiato has a PA12 nylon top and a modified nylon bottom.
  • Gateron Oil King has a POM stem while the HMX Macchiato has a POK stem.
  • Both the Gateron Oil King and the HMX Macchiato have a 4mm total travel.
  • Gateron Oil King has a heavier spring weight at 65g bottom out while the HMX Macchiato has a lighter 50g bottom out.
  • The HMX Macchiato feels smoother and has less stem wobble than the Gateron Oil King.
  • Both come factory lubed. 
  • The HMX Cheese is slightly higher pitched than the Gateron Oil King.

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