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Wuque WS Jade Linear Switches

Wuque WS Jade Linear Switches

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These are sold in packs of 10 each. 1 quantity refers to 10 switches.

With new switches coming out seemingly every day, exploring the now familiar permutations of materials to achieve their unique sound profile, it is rare for something completely new to hit the market, until now. The Wuque WS Jade linear expands on the popular WS Morandi design while adding a metal insert in both the bottom of the stem and the housing, resulting in a clacky higher pitched bottom out while retaining some properties of the Morandi. The bottom out switch feel is also more crisp as the metal results in a more solid feeling bottom out. 

If you liked the Morandi but wished it was clackier, this is your switch!

The switch offers a removable light diffuser which helps evenly distribute the light source, which makes the RGB look more spread out. The diffuser can be easily removed without opening the switch by pushing upward on the bottom of the switch, where the diffuser is located. The diffuser should pop out without resistance.

  • LumeKeebs Guide:
    • Housing Fit: tight
    • Film Recommendation: recommended
    • Hand-Lubing: improve sound and feel
  • Material:
    • Top: POM
    • Bottom: POM
    • Stem: UPE+Stainless steel
    • Light Diffuser Material: PMMA (Same as  WS Morandi Switch)
  • Specs:
    • Type: Linear
    • Operating force: 50±5gf
    • Actuation force: 35gf
    • Spring length: 18mm
    • Pre-travel: 2.00±0.5mm
    • Total travel: 3.60±0.3mm
    • Mount: 5 pin
    • Lube: factory lube
    • SMD: Compatible with LEDs

We are providing personal hand lubing service to the first batch of switches available, done personally by our slick inhouse Lume Lubing expert.

  • Lubing service:
    • Lube used: Krytox 205G0
    • Springs: bag lubed with Krytox 105
    • Film used: Lume Film series - we'll cater the film type to the switch to give you the best experience possible
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Customer Reviews

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WS Jade Morandi Switches - A Symphony for Clacky Keyboard Enthusiasts

I personally love foams and thocky builds. However, the clack from the Jades is just unique. The build quality is top-notch, exuding a sense of durability and precision craftsmanship. They are not just switches; they are jewels adorning your keyboard. Each keystroke delivers a satisfying, resonant sound that is distinct but not overpowering. It's a fine line between a pleasing auditory feedback and a noisy distraction, and the Jades walk this line with grace. The sound is crisp, clear, and consistent, making typing not just a task, but a sensory experience. - Makes you want to press the keys just for the sound, could there be any better reason?