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TX Stabilizers (Rev 3)

TX Stabilizers (Rev 3)

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TX Stabilizers are the latest innovation in clip-in stabilizers with an epitome of customer-centric design. They are designed to minimize wire rattle, lower bottom-out noise, and prevent wire pop-out. If you are looking to buy stabilizers, look no further! 

Rev. 3 comes with new 1.2T PCB variant and more colors: black, white, alpaca, and cobalt. We currently carry black. 


  • PCB Mount, Clip-in stabilizers
  • Doubleshot Stem (POM outside, TPU & POM inside)

Each Set Includes:

  • 10 Housings and Stems
  • 4 2U Wires
  • 1 6.25U or 7U Wire
  • 1 Pack Stab Stoppers, prevents wire drop-out

Lume lubing service available, done personally by our slick inhouse Lume Lubing expert.

  • Lubing service:
    • Lube used: Krytox 205G0
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